Mixcon 2017  – New York City – Free Admission

Mixcon 2017  – New York City – Free Admission

               Mixcon 2017                      

Free Admission   –   New York City

July 8th and 9th – 11:30am – 9:00pm

Manhattan Center  

311 W 34th St, New York, NY

More details at http://mix-con.com

MixCon is a free educational event for musicians and aspiring producers/mixing engineers. Its goal is to advise them on the art of mixing, the science it’s based upon, and the techniques top engineers employ to shape the sounds in the directions they envision, and to make them coexist in a balanced fashion.

Mixcon 2017 will have a half dozen platinum-selling and GRAMMY-winning producers and engineers taking you under the hood to give us detailed walkthroughs of real mixes.

Presenters include Mick Guzauski, Bob Power, Leslie Brathwaite, Joey Raia, Rich Chyicki and Marc Urselli. These are mixers for artists including Daft Punk, Run The Jewels, RUSH, Pharrell Williams, Nick Cave, De La Soul, Dream Theater, Rick Ross, Lou Reed, Michael Jackson, A Tribe Called Quest, Def Leppard, D’Angelo and more.

Event is completely free, July 8th and 9th in NYC. More details at http://mix-con.com.