H.E.R. – RIAA Gold presented to Shamel Hughes – Recording Engineer


I really can’t say enough of how much I have placed myself in the arena I play in and visualize myself achieving these accolades. I made many sacrifices with my family, friends and the one I was in love with during these years. I have grown to be the man I needed to be to fulfill the dreams I’m longer chasing. I’m able to say I’m living my thoughts, ideas, and visions in the time that God wants me to receive them. Even through hard times, I achieved great things and now it’s the first time I have really accept the fact that I’m blessed. Coming up from the streets to being a motivational individual in the industry has always kept me grounded and serving to others.

I love and appreciate my mother who invested in me when no one else believed and push me at my lowest point to complete. Thanks to my colleagues, mentors and friends Robert “LB” Dorsey, Miki Tsutsumi, Quayshuan Carter, Tommy Uzzo, Ben Arrindell, and my business partner Rodwell Fraser. The biggest inspiration for me to accomplish my goals is my daughter who I want to see that whatever she wants to do she can achieve it. Even though I been into music since my childhood and living from it professionally for over 15 years, I feel like I’m just getting started in this business. So, I’m grateful for this new energy that’s pushing me forward to the next goals I set out to accomplish in this business and as always, give back to others along the way.

“Never let go of that kid inside of you, he/she believes your dreams.”
– Sha

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