Pro Tools for Beginners Tutorial – Part 1 – Navigation

  Welcome to the first video in our “Pro Tools for Beginners” series. In this video, Jason de Wilde, Head...

Dave Smith on MIDI

Dave Smith at his home studio in Napa Valley, CA. Interviewed by Eric Chasalow, filmed by Barbara Cassidy 1997.

30th Anniversary of MIDI

One standard started it all. One technology allowed different musical devices and computers to all speak the same language and...

DIY Acoustic Panels with Audimute

Audimute customers review their DIY Acoustic Panels. They showcase acoustic panel uses in a variety of applications, including homes, studios,...

Pro Tool Midi Editing

Lanz Pierce – “You Got It”

Executive Producer: Shamel Hughes Recording Engineer: Shamel Hughes Mix Engineer: Shamel Hughes Hughes Media Group    

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